Professional and Executive Career Coaching Overview

1BC Consulting Inc. - Career Coaching Services

Career Coaching has been distinguished as a method in which individuals and organizations are able to enhance their performance and overall goals through the appropriate guidance and supervision of a specialized strategic professional coach.  1BC Consulting, Inc., offers various coaching options to enhance your professional or organizations through our 60-minute coaching session better known as Career Improvement Action Session – CIAS60™.

Career Improvement Action Session (CIAS60™) is a successful process offering adequate time in which we will observe, communicate, provide guidance, and set realistic goals with the individual to be able to accomplish the necessary objectives. Below we describe our various coaching options of Career Improvement Action Session – CIAS60™:

  • CIAS60-IPEC™ – Individual Professional Career Coaching Session. This type of coaching sessions is better performed when conducted face to face in a location outside your work environment. Below are some of the topics you may choose from:
  1. Aspects of the Career to be developed (assessment bases)
  2. Goals Setting
  3. Interview preparation
  4. Tips on effective interviewing
  5. Networking
  6. Supplemental questionnaire writing
  7. Dress for success
  • CIAS60-VTS™ – Virtual Coaching Sessions are conducted via FaceTime, Skype or telephone.
  • CIAS60-MPT™ – Management Proficiencies Tracking Session. Individual work session where tracking and shadowing of meeting interactions and delivery, daily business events, or full workday tracking would produce instant communication and recommendations, to be able to generate an individualized action plan.

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