Executive Search/Talent Acquisition Overview

Executive Search - 1BC ConsultingAt 1BC Consulting, Inc. we premier Executive Search services. The team of professional members at 1BC Consulting has their clients’ best interests in mind and anticipates to their needs. Our tailored method allows our team of Human Resources Consultants to have a better understanding of your exact requirements and objectives as a client or candidates alike. We work diligently with you to guarantee the exact match for your company. We focus our efforts in seeking the best individuals who possess the specific credentials and set of skills that your organization pursues.

1BC Consulting, Inc., also focuses in providing you with On-Demand Executive Search/Talent Acquisition, giving us an opportunity to establish an ongoing affiliation that gives your company a more effective outcome to your executive search needs. 1BC Consulting compiles a team of experienced consultants to assist in discovering top qualified candidates across a wide range of industries. In addition to providing contingent search services, we provide retained search, and direct placement for all management levels, including high-level executives, offering you, our client with confidentiality and exclusivity.

Executive Search/Talent Acquisition – Industries

• C-level Executives

• VP-level Executives

• Mid-level Management

• Accounting/Finance

• Customer Satisfaction

• Engineers

• Entry level Management

• Hospitality Personnel

• Human Resources

• IT (Information Technology)

• Office Personnel

• Operations

• Product Development

• Project Management

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